Ideas Challenge at OR2015

In line with this year’s theme of Looking Back/Moving Forward, we invite OR2015 attendees to take an active role in moving repositories forwards.  The Ideas Challenge is an opportunity to collaborate with your peers identify the low-hanging fruit in the repository development space.

How can we add value to repositories?

  • Leveraging repository data to provide value to the institution
  • Creating services to provide value to researchers
  • Integrating with external services to provide value to the world

In a small team, propose an idea that can move repositories forwards.  This should be presentable to the conference in a four-slide, three minute presentation, outlining:

  • Who you are: team members and institutions.
  • What the problem is and why it’s valuable to solve
  • What the solution is and what specific technologies could be used
  • A one-slide mock-up of the solution

The challenge is open to everyone, and presentations will be made to the conference during a session from 4-5pm on Wednesday afternoon.  Ideas will be judged using the following criteria:

  • How effectively does it move repositories forwards (its VALUE)
  • Whether it could be developed within 5 person-days (its FEASIBILITY)
  • How loud the audience claps following the presentation (its WOW-FACTOR)
  • Bonus points will be awarded to teams that include:
    • Developers
    • Non-developers
    • People who have never worked together before

Prizes will be awarded in the closing plenary session on Thursday morning, but more importantly you have the opportunity to join the glorious ranks of Open Repositories Challenge Winners.

Start the discussions in the run-up to the conference using the Twitter hashtag #OR15Challenge.

The Ideas Challenge / Developer Reception on Monday evening at the conference will also be a good opportunity to generate and discuss ideas and meet potential team members.

Ideas Challenge Rules

  1. Entries should come from teams of at least two people.
  2. The entries should be presented in person at OR2015, by at least one team member.
  3. Only one entry per team.
  4. No person may be in more than one team.
  5. Slides must be complete and submitted before 2pm on Wednesday, June 10th using the online entry form at
  6. Screenshots should be rough-and-ready.
  7. Writing code is discouraged; your submission is limited to your 4-slide presentation:
    1. Who you are: team members and institutions.
    2. What the problem is and why it’s valuable to solve
    3. What the solution is and what specific technologies could be used
    4. A one-slide mock-up of the solution
  8. Participants must ensure that entries do not in any way infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

Presentations and Judging

All ideas will be presented in the Ideas Challenge session at 4pm on Wednesday, June 10th. Ideas will be judged by a panel of judges using the OR2015 Ideas Challenge Score Sheet. Challenge winners will be announced during the OR2015 closing plenary session.

For More Information

For inquiries, please contact the Developer Track Co-Chairs, Adam Field and Claire Knowles at af05v[AT] and claire.knowles[AT]

Developer Track Co-chairs:
Adam Field,
Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead EPrints Services,
University of Southampton

Claire Knowles,
Library Digital Development Manager,
University of Edinburgh

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