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Ideas Challenge Winners!

(posting on behalf of Claire Knowles and Adam Field, Ideas Challenge Co-Chairs)

This year, the Open Repositories conference ran a full developer track, which included both paper presentations and the Ideas Challenge. Based on previous Developer Challenges, which saw small teams develop prototypes to solve problems, the Ideas Challenge tasked the conference attendees to form small teams to propose solutions to problems, but without actually doing any development.

We kicked off the Ideas Challenge with a social on Monday evening at the Tomlinson Tap Room sponsored by DuraSpace, Digital Preservation Network and Orcid, where ice was broken and teams started to form.

By 2pm(ish) on Wednesday we had 9 entries, many with new collaborators who had formed teams in the previous couple of days

  1. The Great Hydra-DSpace Mashup
    Ekaterina Pechekhonova, New York University
    Carol Kassel, New York University
  2. Easing the pain of linked data vocabularies
    Steven Anderson, Boston Public Library)
    Aaron Coburn, Amherst College
    Mark Matienzo, Digital Public Library of America
    Jeremy Nelson, Colorado College
    James Van Mil, University of Cincinnati
  3. Google Scholar Hates DC
    Alan Stiles, The Open University
    Will Fyson, Eprints Services
    Susan Ashworth, University of Glasgow
    Peter West, Digital Repository Services
  4. DPNchronomaticaTex
    Dave Pcolar, DPN
    Sibyl Schaefer, UCSD Chronopolis
    Ryan Steans, Texas Digital Library
    Gad Krumholz, Texas Digital Library
    Courtney Mumma, Artefactual
    Bill Branan, DuraCloud
  5. Simple Public UI
    Meg Eastwood, Northern Arizona University
    Monika Mevenkamp, Princeton University
  6. Digital Preservation of Research Data with Fedora 4 and Archivematica
    Lucie Burgess, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
    Justin Simson, Artefactual Inc
    David Wilcox, DuraSpace
  7. Extracting metadata from Mendeley
    William Gunn, Mendeley
    Roeland Dillen, @mire
    Ignace Deroost, @mire
  8. The Stuffinator
    Azhar Hussain, University of Nottingham
    Hardy Pottinger, University of Missouri
    Joseph Rhoads, Brown University
    Kim Shepherd, University of Auckland
    Richard Jones, Cottage Labs
  9. Email Deposit
    Kimberly Chapman, University of Arizona Libraries
    Rastislav Hudak, Vienna University
    Marianne Parkhill, Plum Analytics
    Bram Luyten, @mire

The judges were spared lengthy deliberations due to our scoresheets, which minimised the chances of a draw. http://www.or2015.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/OR2015-Ideas-Challenge-Score-Sheet.pdf We leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out how (hint: try converting the numbers to base 5).

The Winners were:
First Place – Email Deposit with 13553 points
Second Place – The Stuffinator with 12914 points
Third Place – Google Scholar Hates DC with 12651 points

They all won the choice of a selection of prizes. Email Deposit also received five days of Patrick McSweeny from iSolutions, University of Southampton time to develop their idea. The Stuffinator team received one free registration to Open Repositories 2016 in Dublin.

Thanks to all participants and our judges:

  • Adam Field (Eprints)
  • Debra Hahken Kurtz (DuraSpace)
  • Mark Hahnel (Figshare)
  • Claire Knowles (University of Edinburgh)
  • Patrick McSweeney (iSolutions, University of Southampton – remotely)
  • Laura Paglione (ORCID)
  • Julie Speer (Virginia Tech)
  • Evviva Weinraub (Digital Preservation Network)

Claire Knowles and Adam Field
Ideas Challenge Co-Chairs

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