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2015 Keynote Speaker Announced

We are thrilled to announce that Kaitlin Thaney, Director of the Mozilla Science Lab, will serve as the keynote speaker for the 2015 Open Repositories Conference. A long-time proponent of open science, Kaitlin’s work is marked by innovative application of the values of the open web in order to develop greater research capabilities and support the future of scientific discovery.

The Mozilla Science Lab was designed to “foster dialogue between the open web community and researchers” to enable the sharing of “ideas, tools, and best practices for using next-generation web solutions to solve real problems in science, and explore ways to make research more agile and collaborative.” Kaitlin will provide unique industry perspective and insight as our 2015 keynote speaker, and are proud to have her as part of this year’s conference!

More About Kaitlin

Kaitlin Thaney is the director of the Mozilla Science Lab, an open science initiative of the Mozilla Foundation focused on innovation, best practice and skills training for research. Prior to Mozilla, Kaitlin served as the Manager of External Partnerships at Digital Science, a technology company that works to make research more efficient through better use of technology. Kaitlin also advises the UK government on infrastructure for data intensive science and business, serves as a Director for DataKind UK, and is the founding co-chair for the Strata Conference series in London on big data.

Prior to Mozilla and Digitial Science, Kaitlin managed the science program at Creative Commons, worked with MIT and Microsoft, and wrote for the Boston Globe.  You can learn more about the Science Lab at mozillascience.org and follow Kaitlin online at @kaythaney.

Featured Speaker

We are also proud to announce Anurag Acharya as our featured speaker for the 2015 conference. Anurag is a Distinguished Engineer at Google and a co-creator of Google Scholar.

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